8 Reasons Why WordPress Web Development Services Are Loved By SEO Experts

Do you know that SEO experts and Google maestros love WordPress? WordPress web development services are provided by agencies to create a much-needed online presence for businesses of all scales. 

However, development is only part of the picture. The website should rank well on search engines. SEO experts are responsible for carrying out this essential task. But everyone has their preferences. And in the case of Google gurus and SEO maestros, WordPress is the real deal. Now, let us provide 8 compelling reasons why SEO professionals prefer WordPress Developers London.

SEO-Friendly Elements

WordPress web development services make indexing and crawling content easy for search engines like Google. The code structure of WordPress is clean and SEO-friendly. Moreover, the architecture of WordPress is smooth, making websites well-structured- vital for SEO. Another element is the permalinks, which can be customized in WordPress, allowing you to use on-page SEO with greater control.

Indexing and crawling are crucial for a website’s visibility. To be indexed by Google, a Google bot, known as the Google crawler, must visit and evaluate the website. Did you know that only indexed pages appear in search results? 

With WordPress, there’s a higher chance of your website getting crawled and indexed quickly, boosting its visibility and ranking.

wordpress web development services

Mobile-Friendliness and WordPress Web Development Services

The web pages created on WordPress are incredibly responsive. Now, nearly every individual owns a smartphone. If the design is responsive, the ranking can improve because Google considers mobile-friendliness a factor in ranking well. 

Most of the themes on WordPress are mobile-friendly, ensuring visitors can have a smooth and exceptional experience while navigating the website on different devices.

The best part is that WordPress Web Development services are well-versed in the details of SEO. This means that we develop friendly web pages with nearly all devices available so that the chances of traffic are higher than ever.

Countless Plugins

Some other less popular things are also important in SEO. WordPress plugins allow you to work with them efficiently. One of these elements is XML sitemaps. WordPress plugins can help you with sitemaps in different ways. But what exactly are XML sitemaps? It is a file with roadmaps to a particular website’s different pages. But why is it so important? It is vital because Google can crawl all website pages without any hassle. 

One more thing: XML sitemaps help Google understand your website structure. Of course, everyone wants Google to crawl all their website pages, but sometimes it fails to do so. But when a plugin helps you with sitemaps, it is guaranteed that Google crawls all of them.

Performance and Speed

Plugins also influence website speed and performance. Did you know that website speed affects ranking? 

If a website loads quickly, it will rank well on Google. WordPress Web Development Services ensures that performance and speed are optimum by collaborating with hosting providers and plugins. Many people think that speed is just for user experience, but the truth is that SEO and speed are interconnected, too. 

Security and Updates

There is an ever-present threat to websites of getting hacked or misused. There can be monetary losses, or unauthorized people can access sensitive data. But not with WordPress around the block. There are constant security updates to make everything safer. Let me tell you one more thing. SEO is friendly and includes websites that are safe for users. 

Suppose you get a website made. It is an ecommerce website where you can sell all kinds of products. If there is an attack by a hacker, then you can lose valuable things. This is why security is so essential and why SEO likes security. With the regular security updates in WordPress, you don’t have to worry about any cyber attack.

WordPress Web Development Services include every single chunk of security. We ensure that the website we create for you is safe from all threats. This helps you rank well on Google and be stress-free about any security issue.


When you talk about WordPress, you talk about custom websites. In this era, everyone wants tailored solutions because businesses have many differences and similarities. WordPress allows you to customize the website according to the needs of SEO. There are custom templates and landing pages designed to help you choose the most appropriate one. You can quickly build eCommerce websites on WordPress with SEO in mind. 

WordPress Web Development Services have everything according to your specific needs. The templates that you admire the most are going to be used. Did I mention the massive number of templates available?

Google Services

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are two tools that are the soul of SEO gurus. The best part about WordPress is that it can integrate with many Google services to determine the website’s results and whether it is performing poorly or well.

The process of optimizing your website for Google gets simplified through this integration. WordPress web development services cover all these aspects of helping SEO gurus so that the website ranks well on Google. 

wordpress web development services

Community and Support

The WordPress community consists of several developers, SEO gurus, and designers who are always ready to contribute to others’ needs. If you have any questions or queries, we are always available, as are thousands of other skilled people who like working with WordPress.

WordPress web development services are available throughout the country, and whether you are situated in the middle of the country or a mile away, we are there for your WordPress needs.


WordPress web development services are the partner of SEO gurus that no one wants to abandon. The community and support make it an exciting platform, and the security makes it reliable and worth experiencing. Customization allows you to tailor the website according to your needs, and the integration with Google services makes keeping track easy. The friendliness and performance make the ranking part even better.At Techaspec, we are available 24/7 to build you an awesome WordPress website—not just any website, but a webpage that will attract traffic. Try now!

What Is The WordPress Maintenance Service Your Website Needs?

Since the start, WordPress has been gaining popularity worldwide. According to W3Techs, with 45% of all websites running their businesses worldwide. That’s almost half of the websites are operating through this channel. It’s like a trustable sidekick that helps you turn ideas into captivating reality. Whether you want to run a blog website, e-commerce hubs, or a SaaS venture, WordPress is your answer!

But let’s be honest here—even the most reliable CMS tool needs a little boost once in a while to stay in top shape. That’s where WordPress maintenance service comes into play. 

This blog will help you understand why WordPress maintenance service is important and how to go about it. We’ll uncover the essential aspects of a WordPress maintenance plan to get you started: 

wordpress maintenance service

Why You Should Select a WordPress Maintenance Service?

Indeed, WordPress has a user-friendly interface. However, it is likely that the website may become a victim of online vulnerabilities. There are so many viruses and malware out there that it is essential to have a maintenance plan to overcome any problem. Your website could fall victim to a hacker who finds a way to jeopardize your site’s security. Who would want their valuable data to become prone to potential threats? That’s where having a proper WordPress maintenance plan comes in handy. WordPress maintenance services ensure your website has all the necessary tools to protect your data from hacking. 

  • Add security by applying two-factor authentication.

To protect data from malware and threats, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is one of the smartest moves. It doesn’t require long process of implementation, all you need is a right tool. Since the use of default usernames and passwords makes your website vulnerable, it is essential to safeguard your business and prioritize the implementation of 2FA to add strict security measures. 

  • Performance Optimization

Let’s discuss the vital aspect of website maintenance: performance! Optimization is like a turbo boost for your website. Regular maintenance ensures that your site is bug-free, and optimization helps run your website smoothly, even at peak hours. 

It’s like having a high-performance car that may gather clutter under the hood over time if not appropriately maintained. Routine maintenance ensures that unnecessary files are cleared on time, your database is up-to-date, and when the car is well-oiled, it runs faster; your website loads faster when someone can optimize it regularly. 

Why? Faster loading times mean happier visitors. People don’t like to wait around for a slow website, and the traffic will instantly shift to your competitors. And who doesn’t like a good user experience? With WordPress maintenance services, you can improve your search engine ranking.

Optimize your website’s performance today with WordPress Developers UK. Read here to learn more about Techaspec WordPress services.

  • Routine Updates

Routine upgrades protect you from security breaches and threats. If you have become a victim of viruses and malware, now is the best time to consider WordPress maintenance services. WordPress rolled out several updates that significantly affected the website’s functioning. If you fail to implement these upgrades properly, your website may not function as you desire.

The updates often contain vital security patches that improve the platform’s overall security and functionality. Additionally, these updates remove unwanted plugins and themes that may hinder your website’s operations. 

Implementing routine updates is part of Techaspec WordPress maintenance service, which helps protect your website from potential vulnerabilities and further enhances its security. 

  • Reliability

Wouldn’t it be exciting to have a vigilant guardian watching over your website throughout the day to ensure it runs smoothly? You can expect visitors at any hour when you set up a website. But what happens if your site goes down unexpectedly? That’s where our WordPress maintenance service swoops in to bail you out! Techaspec provides the reliability that your site needs. 

If your site experiences a hiccup, we can fix it. WordPress maintenance services are designed to fix any glitch in a minute. It’s like having a dedicated team on standby to tackle any issues without disrupting your website’s functionality. 

  • Unnecessary Plugins and Themes can slow down your webpage. 

Plugins and themes are designed to add extra features to your website. However, they can drag down the functioning if not appropriately handled. Since third parties design most WordPress plugins and themes, the chances of missing an upgrade or installing plugins incompatible with your website can pose a significant risk to both security and functionality. 

There is a simple solution to this problem! Keep your plugins updated and check for compatibility before installing any themes. This may sound like a job, but with WordPress maintenance service, you don’t have to worry about all these issues. Our plan is designed to regularly check for outdated plugins and themes that may slow down your website’s performance, especially during peak traffic.

  • Other Factors to Consider

Other crucial factors to consider when hiring WordPress maintenance services include regular backups, which ensure that your data is safely stored on a drive so that if you need to restore your website to its previous state, you can skip the long process of waiting. Another essential element of a maintenance plan is regularly updating your content to keep visitors engaged. 

Similarly, SEO is your ticket to stand out from the crowd. Attract more visitors by ranking higher with WordPress maintenance services. Lastly, scalability. It sets a foundation for future expansion. There are several elements to maintaining your WordPress website. It’s up to developers how they make the most of these services. It isn’t easy to impress a crowd in this ever-changing digital landscape. However, you may benefit from a little push by unleashing your website’s online potential with WordPress Development Solutions.

wordpress maintenance service

Which WordPress Maintenance Services Your Website Needs?

Every website needs a maintenance plan; with it, it will be easier to stand out in this digital world. It’s like a garden that requires regular care and maintenance for its vitality. So, what maintenance plan do you need to stay on top of the search engine and succeed? Let’s break it down to a few essential pointers:

Firstly, regular updates are non-negotiable. Your website needs a regular tune-up to stay secure and perform optimally. This includes updating WordPress core, themes, and plugins to fight any vulnerabilities that may hinder the website’s functionality. Install any new feature as soon as it is introduced after checking its compatibility.

Next, back up everything! It’s like a website’s safety net. You don’t want to lose this digital insurance policy, as websites are prone to viruses and malware. Regular backups ensure that your database is safe and can be restored whenever you want. Trust us: backing up ensures peace of mind when you know your hard work won’t vanish into the digital abyss. WordPress maintenance service is not just about security; it’s also about nurturing the growth of your website. Keep content fresh and engaging to attract visitors and ensure your website can scale alongside your ambitions. It’s best to keep your website at the top for a long time in the digital world.

How To Get Organic Growth Through Developers In London

Your business does not require costly advertisements and marketing campaigns when you have developers in London.

Well yes. It is a true case if implemented correctly!

Organic growth is the process of attracting and retaining website visitors. The visitors will likely turn into your potential customers, or followers without the use of paid advertising. This process is called Organic growth!

This organic growth involves creating valuable and high-converting content. This increases your website’s engagement with your audience in the right way.

Here is a detailed overview of how you can grow your website business organically and effectively with the help of developers in London.

Developers in London

How Can Website Developers Bring Organic Growth To Your Business?

Your business website developer plays a crucial role in driving organic growth for your business by optimizing your online platform for search engines, user experience, and social engagement. 

Developers can help you attract more organic traffic. Upgrading their expertise in SEO, content strategy, UX design, social media integration, and attractive design.  They can engage users effectively and achieve sustainable growth for your business in the digital realm.

Many factors contribute to organic growth; partnering with experienced website developers in London. 

Organic growth might sound hard and a time-consuming process to take into account. However, handing this process to skilled and experienced hands can save you and your business from all future hassles.

 Organic growth unlike other growth tactics promises a long-term relationship with your customers. Your customers have a higher rate of rapport and credibility with your business due to organic reach. 

Once organic growth has reached its maximum potential your business turnover will not face lackings unlike the business’s going for paid growth. They have to invest on an ongoing basis and are bound to invest more of their time, money, and efforts to reach their goal.

These features are important before hiring any developer around the world including hiring a developer in London.

The (SEO) Is The Key

SEO provides keyword research, optimizing meta tags, and improves your website speed and mobile-friendliness. The developers ensure that your business website ranks higher in search engine rankings, driving organic traffic to your site.

Content Strategy And Creation

Developers in London work closely with content creators to develop a comprehensive content strategy. this strategy helps your website to resonate with your target audience. 

These developers ensure that your website features high-quality and only relevant content that addresses your audience’s needs and interests. This makes it more likely to rank well in search engine results and attract organic traffic.

User Experience Optimization:

Website developers prioritize user experience by creating converting navigation, and clear calls-to-action.

Developers enhance the overall user experience by optimizing your website. Encouraging visitors to spend more time on your site. This increases their likelihood of converting into potential customers.

Social Media Integration:

Skilled developers will integrate social media sharing buttons into the feeds. This will eventually link to your website to encourage social sharing and engagement. Making it easy for visitors to share your content on social media platforms. These skilled developers amplify your reach and drive organic traffic from social handles. 

London is home to a vibrant tech scene, boasting a pool of talented. Hence, hiring a website developer in London could be a great choice having diverse skills and expertise.

Responsive Design:

Top of all, website developers play a crucial role in making your website more responsive. They ensure the optimization and make it user-friendly. As a result, it takes seconds to open whether your users open it on smartphones, desktops, laptops, or tablets.

Technical Optimization:

Developers around the world, especially developers in London specialize in optimizing your website’s technical eras. This includes site speed, security, and performance. This helps to enhance its search engine visibility and organic growth.

Developers improve your website’s overall performance, making it more attractive to search engines and users. Implementing best practices for coding, server configuration, and caching. 

Continuous Monitoring And Optimization:

Website developers monitor your website’s performance regularly They make sure an ongoing monitoring to improve its organic growth potential.

Analyzing site analytics, conducting A/B testing, and implementing data-centric optimizations. These developers ensure that your website remains competitive and continues to attract organic traffic over time.

Developers in London

Organic Growth Vs Paid Growth Strategies

Paid marketing and other business growth strategies can be riskier at a certain level and expensive, too. However, any business pursuing organic business growth has a higher chance of certain and retaining success in the long term. 

As discussed above, organic growth brings promising customers, which eventually requires less effort to gain them for future campaigns and launches.

Developers in London are exercising the same to bring organic growth to your business as per your choice. In today’s remote world, you are never limited to your country’s boundaries to get the benefit and maximize your business profits from anywhere else in the world. 

Locating anywhere in the world also allows you to choose developers in London. Then why not choose a location where people have an edge over this expertise? 

Organic Growth Ensures Your Sustainable Business Outreach

After going over all the insights you must be clear with the need for organic growth. How can organic growth magically help your business in the long and short term? 

Spending money daily over paid advertisements is no longer the actual need for business growth. Therefore, make sure you hire developers in London while being in London or anywhere in the world. The option of organic growth can save you extra budget and time!

Your one-time choice and investment can be a lifesaver. Your growth will be sustainable and certain by investing some effort in shortlisting top developers in London.


Your business’s sustainable stability is just one step away. Unlock your success by implementing the guidelines. As you now know organic growth is still one of the most powerful strategies to rank your business.
 You can explore developers in London to provide your business with organic growth as they offer far or less all the discussed features that a development agency must have.