8 Reasons Why WordPress Web Development Services Are Loved By SEO Experts

Do you know that SEO experts and Google maestros love WordPress? WordPress web development services are provided by agencies to create a much-needed online presence for businesses of all scales. 

However, development is only part of the picture. The website should rank well on search engines. SEO experts are responsible for carrying out this essential task. But everyone has their preferences. And in the case of Google gurus and SEO maestros, WordPress is the real deal. Now, let us provide 8 compelling reasons why SEO professionals prefer WordPress Developers London.

SEO-Friendly Elements

WordPress web development services make indexing and crawling content easy for search engines like Google. The code structure of WordPress is clean and SEO-friendly. Moreover, the architecture of WordPress is smooth, making websites well-structured- vital for SEO. Another element is the permalinks, which can be customized in WordPress, allowing you to use on-page SEO with greater control.

Indexing and crawling are crucial for a website’s visibility. To be indexed by Google, a Google bot, known as the Google crawler, must visit and evaluate the website. Did you know that only indexed pages appear in search results? 

With WordPress, there’s a higher chance of your website getting crawled and indexed quickly, boosting its visibility and ranking.

wordpress web development services

Mobile-Friendliness and WordPress Web Development Services

The web pages created on WordPress are incredibly responsive. Now, nearly every individual owns a smartphone. If the design is responsive, the ranking can improve because Google considers mobile-friendliness a factor in ranking well. 

Most of the themes on WordPress are mobile-friendly, ensuring visitors can have a smooth and exceptional experience while navigating the website on different devices.

The best part is that WordPress Web Development services are well-versed in the details of SEO. This means that we develop friendly web pages with nearly all devices available so that the chances of traffic are higher than ever.

Countless Plugins

Some other less popular things are also important in SEO. WordPress plugins allow you to work with them efficiently. One of these elements is XML sitemaps. WordPress plugins can help you with sitemaps in different ways. But what exactly are XML sitemaps? It is a file with roadmaps to a particular website’s different pages. But why is it so important? It is vital because Google can crawl all website pages without any hassle. 

One more thing: XML sitemaps help Google understand your website structure. Of course, everyone wants Google to crawl all their website pages, but sometimes it fails to do so. But when a plugin helps you with sitemaps, it is guaranteed that Google crawls all of them.

Performance and Speed

Plugins also influence website speed and performance. Did you know that website speed affects ranking? 

If a website loads quickly, it will rank well on Google. WordPress Web Development Services ensures that performance and speed are optimum by collaborating with hosting providers and plugins. Many people think that speed is just for user experience, but the truth is that SEO and speed are interconnected, too. 

Security and Updates

There is an ever-present threat to websites of getting hacked or misused. There can be monetary losses, or unauthorized people can access sensitive data. But not with WordPress around the block. There are constant security updates to make everything safer. Let me tell you one more thing. SEO is friendly and includes websites that are safe for users. 

Suppose you get a website made. It is an ecommerce website where you can sell all kinds of products. If there is an attack by a hacker, then you can lose valuable things. This is why security is so essential and why SEO likes security. With the regular security updates in WordPress, you don’t have to worry about any cyber attack.

WordPress Web Development Services include every single chunk of security. We ensure that the website we create for you is safe from all threats. This helps you rank well on Google and be stress-free about any security issue.


When you talk about WordPress, you talk about custom websites. In this era, everyone wants tailored solutions because businesses have many differences and similarities. WordPress allows you to customize the website according to the needs of SEO. There are custom templates and landing pages designed to help you choose the most appropriate one. You can quickly build eCommerce websites on WordPress with SEO in mind. 

WordPress Web Development Services have everything according to your specific needs. The templates that you admire the most are going to be used. Did I mention the massive number of templates available?

Google Services

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are two tools that are the soul of SEO gurus. The best part about WordPress is that it can integrate with many Google services to determine the website’s results and whether it is performing poorly or well.

The process of optimizing your website for Google gets simplified through this integration. WordPress web development services cover all these aspects of helping SEO gurus so that the website ranks well on Google. 

wordpress web development services

Community and Support

The WordPress community consists of several developers, SEO gurus, and designers who are always ready to contribute to others’ needs. If you have any questions or queries, we are always available, as are thousands of other skilled people who like working with WordPress.

WordPress web development services are available throughout the country, and whether you are situated in the middle of the country or a mile away, we are there for your WordPress needs.


WordPress web development services are the partner of SEO gurus that no one wants to abandon. The community and support make it an exciting platform, and the security makes it reliable and worth experiencing. Customization allows you to tailor the website according to your needs, and the integration with Google services makes keeping track easy. The friendliness and performance make the ranking part even better.At Techaspec, we are available 24/7 to build you an awesome WordPress website—not just any website, but a webpage that will attract traffic. Try now!